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Jet Typeface.

Jet is an assertive italic sans that anticipates the return of the simpler, optimistic times when progress was considered positive and forward seemed to be the only way to go. It may have felt right at home in the mid-1970s, the time of Sc-Fi, synthetics and disco, yet it unmistakably belongs to the present. Its dynamic sturdy forms and angular tapering of some horizontal forms convey movement and edgy impatience for change, with a few re-imagined details, like the reversed slant on top of the lowercase t and the atypical round counter of the lowercase a, showing a new hope for the bygone optimism.

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Wermut Typeface.

An intoxicating blend of rare flavours is what makes the new transitional typeface Wermut (German for vermouth) resemble its alcoholic namesake. Bitter and thorny at first glance, it proceeds to surprise the palate with a complicated taste that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Wermut may not be taken in hastily, but needs to be thoughtfully enjoyed at a measured pace. Its dark colour, compressed, spring-like, shapes, well-built proportions, and agreeable letterforms all look safe enough until one is jolted to encounter the clipped serifs that lend the page an unexpectedly edgy appearance. The font comes in two weights with an extended character set in Latin and Cyrillic scripts supporting 66 languages. 

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Nolde Typeface.

Nolde capitals are available in two weights: regular and outline, and support over 60 languages that employ Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Designed by Slava Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan.

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Aeroport Mono Typeface.

Aeroport is a new typeface in the spirit of both German geometric sans serifs and Swiss neogrotesques. Its deliberately wide proportions and relatively short capitals account for the excellent way the type carries the line. Its short ascenders and descenders allow for very tight leading. Designed by Slava Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan. Font Shop. Best of 2017 – Sans.

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Antonym Typeface.

It is an eclectic hybrid that defies easy classification. Partly a serif with asymmetrical wide thin slabs, partly a modulated sans, one of its defining features is missing serifs where one expects them: on curved letters, letters with horizontal strokes, and letters with a curved stroke. Others peculiarities include an a with an overhanging top stroke, a single-story g with a serif on top, narrowed M and a flattened diagonal stroke of the S with apertures so small it approaches an 8. Designed by Slava Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan.

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Gerbera Typeface.

Gerbera is a new sans-serif with a distinct personality that fuses geometric and organic elements. It is at once hip and quaint, clear yet idiosyncratic, restrained but sensual. Its deliberately varied classical capital proportions and geometric structure are balanced by slightly reversed stress and pinched terminals on curved strokes. The 1050 glyphs support 71 languages. Designed by Slava Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan. 

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Gerbera Specimen.

Format 186x260 mm, 56 page.

Formular Typeface.

Formular comes in six weights with corresponding italics and a monospace companion to the regular weight. Each weight includes special extra-light punctuation, lining tabular and old style figures, case-sensitive punctuation, and stylistic alternates. Designed by Slava Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan. Typejournal The Best Cyrillic Typefaces 2014.

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Realistic Manifesto.

Format 145x210 mm, 24 page.

Bitum Typeface.

Bitum is a new sans that defies conventional classification, with nods to such disparate references as early geometric sans serifs and modular lettering used in wayfinding signage. The former influences lend sheer energy of breaking new ground while the latter supply industrial pragmatism and uniform proportions. Designed by Slava Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan.

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Almaty The Essential Guide For Modern Nomads.

Format 160x230 mm, 94 page.

Étage Magazine 6.

“Étage Magazine” is a culture and informational periodical edition created with high esteem towards both its readers and heroes. This magazine covers processes in the world of arts, culture, design, science and architecture from a root idea to a final embodiment and describes every stage: source of inspiration, personal convictions, techniques, made decisions, challenges, discoveries, fresh approaches and ultimate outcomes. “Étage Magazine” has determined its core values – quality, profoundness and palate, it conveys unobvious without any distortions.

TDC 64 Certificate of Typographic Excellence.

Antonym Typeface Poster.
Case Studies of Three Cities.

Format 116x190 mm, 56 page printed 1 colour.